Pool Leak Detection

At some point, every pool owner will get that unpleasant feeling that they have been adding more water than usual to their pool, and they’ll ask themselves, do I have a leak? 

Sometimes it’s obvious, as the water level drops so fast that you can almost watch it going down, by a foot or more each day. More often however, it’s a gradual water loss, and it makes the pool owner question whether it’s a leak, or just evaporation and splash-out. 

Either way, the potential issue cannot be ignored. If it is a leak, failing to repair it will lead to increased water and chemical expenses, as well as potential costly water damage to other parts of your pool and property.

Signs that Your Pool May be Leaking:
  • Observed water loss of more than ½ inch per day. It’s not uncommon to lose ¼ inch of water a day to evaporation and splash-out, but more than that could indicate a leak
  • Air bubbles coming out of your return jets
  • Your pump has difficulty priming or maintaining prime
  • Your pool deck is heaving, sinking, or cracking
  • Landscaped areas near the pool are wet or have pooling water


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